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As you probably know, most roofing websites look unprofessional. They have awful loading speeds, no call to actions, and just look bad. We will design a beautiful site which gathers leads on autopilot.
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Most roofing websites have some serious SEO problems which makes a huge difference when it comes to ranking high and getting organic site traffic. Our websites always come with the best SEO.
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A solid roofing website can break the bank. We want to provide you with a cost-effective option which pays for itself! This is why we offer packages where you pay monthly, plus there are no set-up fees.
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Handling your own roofing web design?

Here are 3 powerful quick tips to instantly get more leads from your roofing website!

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Tip 1

1. Offer free estimates or inspections

Here are 3 powerful quick tips to instantly boost lead generation on your roofing site!

Why offer free estimates or inspections

This is a super effective method to generate high-quality leads for your roofing business because it gives prospects an easy way to get in touch with you. For example, prospects are usually a bit hesitant to commit to a service (particularly more expensive services) without knowing the details. So if you offer a free estimate or roof inspection you will lower the risk for them, making it much easier for them to take that first leap.

This is just one reason too! This method will also build trust and credibility, create a personal connection, and of course, improve conversion rates.

How to implement free roofing estimates or inspections effectively

Here I'll explain the simple 6-step process to implementing free roofing estimates or inspections effectively.

1. Promote on your roofing website

Clearly display your amazing offer for a free estimate or roof inspection on your homepage, all your service pages, and any other main pages with clear CTAs. Use a CTA like "Get a Free Estimate" or "Schedule Your Free Inspection Today". Also, consider using a simple form to get their contact details.

2. Leverage social media and ads

Post your free estimate or inspection offers regularly on your social media pages to get attention. Use stunning visuals and good copy to increase interest from your audience. It is also worth trying paid ads, investing in targeted ad platforms like Google Ads to reach even more people. You want as many people to see your offer as possible!

3. Follow up fast

Reply to interested leads fast (this is why we recommend SMS lead notifications), this will show professionalism and eagerness to assist. When you follow up, make it really easy to book an appointment by offering flexible scheduling options to suit their needs.

4. Provide value when you inspect their roof

People will expect your free services to be similar to the quality of your paid services so ensure that you conduct a thorough inspection and provide a detailed report. Highlight any issues you find and explain the needed repairs or replacements. Educate your potential client too, this builds trust and positions you as an expert.

5. Use CRM tools to manage leads

Connect your CRM to track leads generated from free estimates or roof inspections. This helps you follow up and nurture leads effectively. We also suggest creating automated follow-up emails or SMS messages to remind potential clients of your initial assessment and encourage them to proceed with your premium services.

6. Showcase success stories

If you're using WordPress you can show reviews automatically on your website using a plugin. You can ensure that you highlight clients who took advantage of your free estimate or roof inspection offer and were over the moon with the results.

Tip 2

2. Leverage social proof

Display customer testimonials, reviews, and case studies to build trust with potential clients.

Why social proof works

The reason social proof works so well is simple; it builds trust and credibility through external validation and reducing possible risks, which makes potential clients more comfortable choosing your roofing services. Social proof is very powerful when it comes to influencing decision-making as people are naturally swayed by peer opinions. At the end of the day, people trust people!

How to implement social proof properly

To display social proof you'll first need to collect some testimonials and case studies. So send a few emails to current or past clients asking for some feedback about their experience with your roofing business.

Once you've collected some wonderful testimonials, you'll be able to display them prominently on your website’s homepage, service pages, and dedicated testimonials page. Include the client's name, location, and, if possible, a photo for added authenticity. If you want to streamline this process you can show reviews automatically using a tool, this is something we do as part of our roofing web design services. You can check out an example below.

Best practices for using social proof

1. Authenticity: Make sure all reviews, testimonials, and case studies are genuine.

2. Regular updates: Keep your social proof sections on your site updated so people have a fresh perspective of your roofing business.

3. Diversity: Showcase a range of client experiences to appeal to different types of prospects.

4. Highlight benefits: Without overdoing it, highlight specific benefits that customers received, such as cost savings.

Tip 3

3. Optimise website speed

Improve your website’s loading speed to provide a better user experience and reduce bounce rates.

Why site speed is important

Website speed is so important when it comes to increasing site conversions, there are two main reasons for this.

1. User experience & bounce rates: We live in a world where people don't like hanging around, so if you have a site that takes more than just a few seconds to lead people will leave in a flash. A slow site will lead to poor first impressions which may discourage people from using your services, not to mention reduced engagement as users are less likely to engage with content or take desired actions (e.g., filling out a contact form) if the site is slow.

2. SEO ranking: Search engines such as Google way prefer to rank sites that are super speedy. So by having a fast site, you will rank higher, which will make it easier for prospects to find you. In addition, faster sites are easier for search engines to crawl and index, which can improve your site's visibility and ranking.

How to optimise your site speed

Some of the ways to optimise your site speed below may seem complicated but there are hundreds of videos and articles online that explain exactly how to do each. Plus there are also loads of tools which can do most of the heavy lifting.

1. Optimise images: People often forget about images when it comes to site speed, but by compressing images and using appropriate image formats you can improve site speed a lot.

2. Minimise HTTP Requests: By merging CSS and JavaScript files you can reduce the number of HTTP requests. We also suggest minimising the number of redirects as each one creates additional HTTP requests.

3. Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN): A CDN spreads out your site's content worldwide, reducing the distance data must travel which in turn reduces loading times.

4. Enable Browser Caching: This will allow returning visitors to use a faster site as their browser can retrieve these files from the cache.

You can also optimise server response time, minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML, asynchronous loading, and optimise web fonts.

Tools to measure and improve site speed

There are three main tools that we like to use (we used these tools to analyse Wasabi Theme, a site we built). We recommend checking out Google PageSpeed Insights, GTMetrix, and Pingdom. All of these are fab tools!

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Roofing Web Design FAQs

Our affordable web design packages for roofers are transparent and start at just £95 a month. You might also be wondering if we charge start-up fees - there aren't any! We're not joking, to get started all you need to do is choose your Flight Pixel package and start paying monthly. So to get your brand-new roofing website today, get in touch here and we'll help you choose the best package for your specific needs.

Top tier roofing web design is an approach used to build a website that generates the most amount of high-quality leads possible for your roofing business. Our roofing web design packages come with a variety of features, including speed optimisation, conversion rate optimisation, SEO optimisation, and mobile device optimisation.

We always strive to have every site up and running in as little as 30 days (upon completion of your onboarding form). Larger packages and additional services may lengthen the project timeline, but on average, you can expect your site to be live within 4-6 weeks from signup.

When it comes to custom roofing website designs, we will ask you to send us three other websites you like the look of, this ensures we design a site that you will love! If you don't like the first delivery then we'll ask you to tell us everything you don't like, this way we can make any changes and provide you with your perfect website. You'll get lots of revisions so you'll be able to keep requesting changes until your site is exactly how you want it. Remember, we love delivering the most amazing websites!

Absolutely! We don't believe in holding our customers captive! After you've completed the full term of your website contract, the website becomes entirely yours. You have the freedom to host, manage, and maintain it independently. Alternatively, you can opt to continue utilising our website management services at a discounted rate on a month-to-month basis.

Yes, the majority of our clients ask us to write content too. So should you require our content writing services, we're more than happy to assist, or you can provide your own content. For many business owners, writing their own content can be straightforward. With an in-depth knowledge of your services, products, and target demographic, crafting a message to appeal to your preferred clientele may come naturally. We encourage our clients to refine their messaging within their own team.

However, if you prefer not to write your own content, we'll conduct industry research and compose compelling messages aimed at educating and persuading your prospects to become paying customers. Our content writing service is priced at £95 per page.

Please note: Pages such as contact, photo galleries, reviews, or other content-light pages do not incur a fee for our content writing services.

Of course! All of the roofing websites we build are developed using WordPress for a solid site foundation. We will implement optimised heading tags, URL structures, title tagging, meta descriptions, and lots more. But it doesn't stop there! We will also optimise your images, create an XML sitemap, and index your website. Additionally, we will keep your site secure with SSL certificates and optimise pages to ensure your site is blazing fast. Combining all of these SEO strategies will ensure your roofing website is properly SEO-optimised to get you to appear high on search results. The last thing to mention is all of this is included for free in any package!