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SMS Lead Notifications

Get dual notifications via email and text message alerts so you never miss a beat.

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Improved Customer Satisfaction

Improved Customer Satisfaction

SMS Lead Notifications allows you to respond almost instantly to inquiries. Quick responses can significantly increase the likelihood of converting leads into customers, as potential clients are often looking for timely information and services. Your leads will also be super impressed with your speedy responses!

SMS Lead Notification Questions

No, SMS notifications are completely free on our Growth packages and up. We will contact you to assist with setting up the notifications. You will need to verify your phone number with our system by sending us a code to authenticate the SMS program. This service is provided at no extra cost.

Your website's main purpose is to make you more money by generating more leads. Without leads, it serves little purpose. Our goal isn't just to get you the most leads possible but to help you close those leads effectively. Responding quickly to leads dramatically increases your chances of converting them into paying customers. To facilitate this, we not only email you the lead information but also send it via text message and often import the lead data directly into your CRM. This ensures you can respond to leads promptly. Here's what you can expect: You'll receive an SMS notification with the lead's contact information, allowing you to call them immediately. While the call is connecting, you can open your CRM, where the prospect's data will already be available. This lets you gather additional information and schedule appointments during the call without delays. Another advantage is the backup SMS notifications provide in case of email issues. If your professional email provider experiences problems or your payment method fails, you're not solely reliant on your email to run your business. Many clients have reported receiving SMS notifications even when their emails failed, enabling us to help resolve their email issues. SMS notifications are essential for any small business.