Wasabi Theme

Scope of work

Wasabi Theme is a business that's part of the Flight Pixel group. Wasabi is known for being the best WordPress theme for SEO and building niche sites without dozens of unnecessary plugins (this is one of the reasons we are SEO pros). We wanted to build a simple yet high-converting website to drive as many sales as possible. We did this using a range of on-page SEO techniques, along with implementing a page-light website by adding information about the digital product, testimonials etc all on one page to boost conversions, but this is just the beginning! The question is... will you boost your sales with a brand-new website too?

A few features we provided

A conversion-optimised checkout

Using the Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) plugin we were able to build a functional and high-converting checkout on the site. We ensured that the checkout page was a one page to checkout to boost conversions, we also added two of the main payment providers (Stripe and PayPal) to the checkout so customers could choose their desired payment method. In addition, we set up an automatic 16% discount which is applied at checkout and an option where customers can subscribe to Wasabi emails for email marketing purposes, and so much more!

checkout on the wasabi theme website
Mobile and SEO optimisation

We provided custom SEO-optimised content as well as proper on-page SEO techniques for Wasabi Theme so they can reach their target audience effectively. We used H1 and H2 headings tags on the main pages to define the keywords along with image compression and meta descriptions etc. In addition, the website is optimised for viewing on mobile devices since a lot of traffic these days is done through a mobile device, plus it's great for SEO! You can see a screenshot of the website performance report for wasabitheme.com below.

wasabi theme site score
Multilingual website

Not only is this website that we built in English, but it's also in Spanish! We translated the entire site using the WPML plugin which meant that Wasabi could now reach Spanish-speaking internet users too.

Affiliate marketing plugin

A key part of Wasabi's marketing plan was to utilise affiliate marketing, especially since the WordPress theme they sell is designed for affiliate marketers. So using the AffiliateWP plugin we built an affiliate program which now has 85+ affiliates - wow!

Wasabi Theme website