The Cotswold Nutritionist

Scope of work

The Cotswold Nutritionist is a company owned by Clementine that specialises in nutrition. She combines her three pillars (mind, body, and soul) to help people with a range of problems. The main purpose of this web design project was to build a beautiful SEO-optimised website which allowed clients to book their appointments directly through the website, without the need for time-consuming back-and-forth emails and phone calls. Will you boost your sales with a brand-new website?

A few features we provided

A full booking system

Using the WP Amelia booking plugin we were able to build a full booking website for our client. This allows The Cotswold Nutritionist's clients to book and pay for their nutritionist appointments on Clementine's website. We also set it up so Clementine's clients can then manage their appointments from their customer portal. We also set up automated reminder emails so customers never forget about their appointments along with automated creation of meetings using Google Meet when clients book their appointments. Using the same plugin we were also able to set up payments so our client could accept debit and credit card payments on-site using Stripe's payment gateway.

Mobile and SEO optimization

We provided custom SEO-optimised content as well as proper on-page SEO techniques for The Cotswold Nutritionist so they can reach their audience effectively. We used H1 and H2 headings tags on the main pages to define the keywords along with image compression and meta descriptions etc. In addition, the website is optimised for viewing on mobile devices since a lot of traffic these days is done through a mobile device, plus it's great for SEO!

Conversion focused

We developed Clementine's website with conversions and beauty as the priorities. So to keep the website engaging we used short-form and long-form content, along with lots of eye-catching images. We also ensured we included lots of CTAs, particularly at the bottom of most pages to increase conversions.

The Cotswold Nutritionist website