Balanced Acupuncture

Scope of work

Balanced Acupuncture is a small acupuncture business owned by Angelina that specialises in Five-element and Facial Enhancement acupuncture. This project was simpler compared to other projects as Angelina already has a booking system set up on her therapy room rental business website. But this didn't stop us from creating a beautiful, SEO-optimised, high-converting website for Angelina!

A few features we provided

SEO optimisation

Apart from design, SEO optimisation was key in this project. As our client is an acupuncturist based in the beautiful Cotswolds, the aim was to get the site ranking for the following long-tail keyword: best acupuncturist in the Cotswolds. This was a keyword with a relatively low search volume, but there was almost no competition. Plus, whenever this term was searched people were very interested in acupuncture services. In just a few weeks we got the brand-new site ranking 2nd for this keyword. WOW! Next stop position number one! 🥇

Beautiful design

A website that felt tranquil for the user was key as the site needed to reflect the calming and rejuvenating services offered at Balanced Acupuncture. This is why we meant for a minimalist design with a range of greens which reflected balance, serenity, and joy. This paired with the carefully selected images on the site resulted in an overall beautiful design which our client loved 💖.

Mobile optimisation

The website is fully optimised for mobile viewing since most traffic these days is done through a mobile device, and of course; it's great for SEO!

Conversion focused

You can't have a fab website without it being optimised for conversions. This is why we added a big Book Appointment button to the footer of all pages on the website and with a contact form below. This helps visitors easily take action, no matter what page they are on! In addition, to keep the website engaging we used short-form and long-form content, along with lots of images and illustrations. We also ensured we included lots of CTAs, particularly at the bottom of every page to increase conversions.

Balanced Acupuncture website