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General Questions

Have questions about Flight Pixel's services? Explore our general FAQ section for answers to common queries about our web design agency.

Absolutely! We offer the option to create a fully custom design for any of our packages. This involves a one-time add-on cost of £1,200 to convert your website into a unique piece of art. Please note that this request must be made before signing up.

We specialise in crafting websites for service-oriented businesses. From builders and agencies to coaches, consultants, and beauty and spa salons — the list is endless! Get in touch with us and inform us about your business, and we'll assess if we can deliver exceptional value to you. If we believe we're not the perfect match for your company, we'll gladly recommend other web design agencies that we think would suit you better!

Our growth package is expertly curated to include all the essential functions and features tailored to your business requirements. Initially, your website will be beautifully designed with a focus on conversions. We'll integrate custom contact forms specifically suited to your business needs. Ensuring optimal accessibility, your site will be mobile-responsive and optimised for mobile viewing. Operating on our lightning-fast web servers and protected with our SSL certificates, your website's security and performance are assured. Need to expand your site's content or publish blog posts in the future? No worries! With a WordPress backend, your site offers a user-friendly system, facilitating the addition of supplementary content. Also, we lay the groundwork for on-page SEO, setting you on the path towards online dominance. Beyond these features, we offer additional functionalities. Should your requirements exceed our standard plans, we're more than capable of tailoring a bespoke solution to meet your needs!

Not at all. We can initiate the website creation process and develop its design concept while awaiting your written content. Additionally, we'll provide you with a content outline to assist in crafting your message for your services or products.

Absolutely, we can support you in directing your professional email through your domain's name servers. We collaborate with our clients using G Suite. G Suite offers the most straightforward and effective solution for managing professional email, enabling you to utilise your domain name for your email while benefiting from Google's user-friendly and robust Gmail platform. Once you establish an account with G Suite, we can handle the rest, seamlessly routing your professional email without requiring any coding on your part.

Every single one of our websites is built on the WordPress platform, which dominates a larger portion of the internet compared to other content management systems. By using WordPress, we have the power to build all kinds of websites, allowing us to create a website that precisely matches your vision. Moreover, this approach allows us to develop custom post types, enabling you to effortlessly log in and add additional blog pages. We've already established the design, so all you need to do is type and click publish.

Absolutely! Should you wish to delve deeper into our company, you'll find a selection of case studies and testimonials showcased on our website's portfolio page.

Within our sign-up form, we request three other websites you admire, enabling us to grasp the style you desire for your site. Additionally, you can specify preferred fonts and colours, aiding us in tailoring the website precisely to your preferences. While our initial delivery may not always hit the mark, fear not! We welcome your honest and detailed feedback. Seriously! We encourage you to be as honest as possible when critiquing our design. This approach reflects our commitment to crafting a flawless website for your exact needs. Furthermore, we offer multiple revisions, ensuring that we refine your site until it aligns perfectly with your vision. Our ultimate goal is to deliver websites that exceed expectations, leaving our clients absolutely thrilled with the end result.

Hosting for active Flight Pixel sites is exclusive to our server. We offer high-speed hosting and exceptional support to all our clients. Nevertheless, if you prefer to host your website elsewhere, you have the option to buy a website design outright!

We strongly advocate for our clients to utilise their own photography as it adds authenticity and accurately reflects the essence of your company. With that said, we boast an extensive collection of niche-specific photography and video content. Should you require something beyond our library, we'll scour our premium stock photography network on your behalf, facilitating the purchase of the desired images.

Should you require our content writing services, we're more than happy to assist, or you can provide your own content. For many business owners, writing their own content can be straightforward. With an in-depth knowledge of your services, products, and target demographic, crafting a message to appeal to your preferred clientele may come naturally. We encourage our clients to refine their messaging within their own team.

However, if you prefer not to write your own content, we'll conduct industry research and compose compelling messages aimed at educating and persuading your prospects to become paying customers. Our content writing service is priced at £95 per page. Please note: Pages such as contact, photo galleries, reviews, or other content-light pages do not incur a fee for our content writing services.

Not at all! There is no extra cost for our premium tech support; it's already part of your monthly subscription.

We've noticed those ads too. It's essential to be cautious when a company claims they can build your site for £1000 or even less. More often than not, they'll pocket your money and construct a site using a £40 theme. They'll ask for some content about your company, slot it into the theme, and call it a day. You'll receive no ongoing support when issues arise. Your site won't have a bespoke design or a tailored strategy for your brand. Custom requests are likely to be ignored, and your website won't be optimised for SEO. Ultimately, you'll end up with a substandard experience and a terrible website. The positive news is that you can always request a free consultation with us. Even if we're not the perfect match for you, we can prevent you from squandering £1000 on a low-quality site.

How it Works Questions

Curious about how Flight Pixel operates? Take a look at our "How It Works" FAQ section for insights into our step-by-step process, from sign-up to website launch.

It’s super easy! Simply click here to get in touch! We'll follow up with an email to determine the ideal package for you, set up your payment plan, and provide a signup link for your chosen option. Simply click the link we send, and voila! You're all set!

The sign-up page comprises a straightforward form requesting your business details. It will guide you step-by-step through providing all the necessary information for us to design your website!

Upon completing the sign-up process, we will promptly commence setting up your website's server and assisting you in securing your business domain name, should it be required. Once this is done we will send you our sign-up form, guiding you through each stage of the design journey. This form facilitates the provision of all necessary details to develop the ideal bespoke website for your business. This process is both swift and straightforward, enabling easy collaboration and the realisation of your site's perfect vision.

Our onboarding form will request all key company details, including services provided, areas served, and distinctive features of your business. Completing the form typically takes around 6-8 minutes.

While some web design agencies might keep you waiting for several months before launching, we understand that the sooner your site goes live, the sooner you can start generating sales.

That's why we strive to have every site up and running in as little as 30 days (upon completion of your onboarding form). Larger packages and additional services may lengthen the project timeline, but on average, you can expect your site to be live within 4-6 weeks from signup.

100%! As the owners of Wasabi Theme (a WordPress theme designed for SEO optimisation) as well as Flight Pixel, we know what it takes to get a website ranking at the top of search engines.

We construct all our websites utilising a WordPress framework to provide an optimal starting point for optimisation. We integrate all necessary search engine optimisation (SEO) tactics for a strong beginning as part of each package. This encompasses optimised heading tags, URL structures, title tagging, meta descriptions, and more.

Additionally, we optimize your images and generate an XML sitemap to enhance your site's searchability. Ensuring your site's security with an SSL certificate and optimising loading speed are also priorities, as both can influence search rankings.

Moreover, professional content writing, tailored with keyword optimisation, is available upon request.

Of course! We don't believe in holding our customers captive! After you've completed the full term of your website contract, the website becomes entirely yours. You have the freedom to host, manage, and maintain it independently. Alternatively, you can opt to continue utilising our website management services at a discounted rate on a month-to-month basis.

Pricing Questions

Wondering about Flight Pixel's pricing structure? Have a quick look at our pricing FAQs to learn about our transparent pricing model and affordable monthly payment options over 24 months.

We back transparent pricing, free of hidden charges. That's why our well-priced packages begin at just £95 +VAT per month, with no upfront payments or start-up fees. Reach out to us today to kickstart the process, and we'll help you choose the perfect package for your needs.

There are absolutely no setup fees or hidden charges with us. We firmly believe in transparent and upfront pricing. Our starter package starts at just £95 per month with a 24-month contract. To get started, we'll require your credit card details to set up your initial monthly payment, which will be securely processed for your convenience and peace of mind.

You'll commit to small monthly payments for 24 months, yet you'll reap the rewards of your website right from the start.

Our subscription service offers three key advantages to our clients:

  • affordability;
  • ease of use;
  • and peace of mind.

With our subscription model, we don't simply divide the upfront cost of a professional-quality website into two payments like most web agencies; instead, we spread the expense over 24 manageable instalments. Effectively, we finance your website at a zero percent interest rate — pretty impressive, wouldn't you agree? Our subscription programme is straightforward to initiate and navigate. With no initial costs, any business can access a professional website that would typically require investments of thousands, if not tens of thousands, of pounds. This accessible payment structure enables businesses of all sizes, even those with tight cash flow, to avail themselves of a world-class website. Lastly, our website plan offers peace of mind. Your site will be hosted on our servers and maintained by our team. You needn't worry about maintenance issues or troubleshooting errors; we'll ensure your site runs smoothly and swiftly address any problems that may arise.


Should you terminate your contract before the conclusion of the 24 months, a cancellation fee equivalent to 50% of your remaining balance will apply, and your website will be discontinued. Should you opt to cancel your contract and transfer your website to another hosting provider or website management team, the outstanding balance of your contract must be settled in full. We will then compile your website files and facilitate their transfer to you.

When your contract comes to an end; you have three options to choose from.

Option 1:

Renew your contract, and receive a complimentary brand-new design. It's been two years since we initially crafted your website, and in that time, your brand may have evolved in new directions. Should this be the case, seize the opportunity for a fresh design.

Option 2:

Transition to our month-to-month maintenance plan for just £95. With this plan, you'll benefit from the assurance that we'll actively host and maintain your website. Enjoy unlimited content updates, licensed use of our plugins, and any premium features we've customised for you, such as review displays or SMS notifications.

Option 3:

We can put together all your website files and deliver them to you, allowing you to host, manage, and maintain your website independently going forward.

Our starter package is a fully managed site that is built using one of our beautifully designed templates designed in-house, ensuring exclusivity. We'll then personalise this design to align perfectly with your brand by changing the colours, adding images, writing SEO-optimised text etc. This package includes 5 pages and all our essential features.

The growth package stands as our flagship offering at Flight Pixel, favoured greatly by our clients. While still having the design framework of our starter package, we develop it further by crafting a bigger site enriched with additional features for maximum business growth. Included in the growth package are 10 pages, SMS notifications, CRM integrations, and pop-up lead capture forms.

Our pro package boasts our exceptional Flight Pixel designs, alongside 20 pages, automatic review posting, and advanced Zapier integrations.

Certainly! Our unique website subscription packages offer you peace of mind as we handle all aspects of your website for you. If any issues arise, rest assured, we'll resolve them fast and at no extra cost. Whether it's a software glitch or a bug from an update, we've got you covered.

Certainly! You have the option to request a complete refund of your subscription within the initial 30 days for any reason.